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It might be the most volatile, but valuable asset that entrepreneurs have. The team at Core Score knows that keeping confidence high is a difficult task for many entrepreneurs and their teams. There are many projects, distractions and obstacles that seem to demand time and energy. Often they seem to cycle back just as you think you have gotten a handle on them. The balance between the company, the family and one's faith are always being challenged. That's why we serve. 

What We Do.

Our team works with entrepreneurs, most of them with less than 100 employees, to reduce that volatility. The result of our work allows owners to mitigate the uncertainty and frustration that occur when confidence drops. Our processes allow you to capture the opportunities that confidence provides. When you want to function at operational level ten, being stuck at level two will drain you quickly. That's why working with our team is so valuable to so many. 

You Don't Have To Do It Alone.

Business owners invest their resources of time and capital. In doing so, they take risks in an effort to provide value for their team and for their customers. But just because you are an entrepreneur doesn't mean you have to do it alone. Our team comes along side as a navigator. To use an airplane as a metaphor, we come into the business cockpit where gauges, data and measurements are available. The decisions of a business are made here. We help to pinpoint the opportunities and areas of concern that the business owner prioritizes. Through our work with owners, they are able to clearly and confidently make the adjustments they desire. As they make those reforms they often find that they don't have the right people on the plane or at least people in the right seats. They sometimes are missing a piece of equipment on the plane as well. This is where our expansive network of resources might be of service to them. 

We are excited to support small business all across the US. They are after all, the risk takers and value providers to the local, state, national and global economies. We invite you to have a private introductory cockpit conversation with our team. Your destination will be affected. Send us an email at or call 785.537.0366 today