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Using his own life experiences, entrepreneurial success and energetic faith as a roadmap, Mark inspires readers with his "Generating" book series.

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Generating a Lasting Legacy

Most people don’t stop and identify the core values they want to pass along from generation to generation. They settle for a set of legal documents which takes care of your wealth but not the core of your heart. In his newest book, Generating a Lasting Legacy: 8 Lessons To Teach Your Children, Mark shows you how to identify and teach your kids the core values that will set them up for success for generations to come.


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Generating Generosity by Mark Queen

In Generating Generosity. Mark shares practical steps for growing in generosity with your life's purpose. The guided Generosity Challenge will help you apply his strategies and techniques to becoming the generous person you want to be.

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What Others Are Saying About Generating Generosity:

“I just finished reading ‘Generating Generosity.’ I love the challenge to give and my favorite parts are the very practical ideas to consider at the end of each chapter. I hope people read it and, more importantly, take the next step to lead a generous life!” -- J. Kevin Ingram, President, Manhattan Christian College

“I always thought I was a generous person. This book has now challenged that belief. The thought-provoking questions throughout the book and the ideas at the end of each chapter are my favorite parts. Looking forward to reading on the website how everyone else is taking the next step to being more generous — and providing me and my family with thoughts on how we can do more.”  -- Charles M. Scott, Owner, Get on Track, LLC 

“‘Generating Generosity’ is a very insightful and thought-provoking book that challenges even those of us who already have a spirit of generosity to evaluate how and why we share our resources in the manner in which we do...” -- Rev. Charlotte A. Coates, Faith UMC, Parsons, Kansas

“Mark has it right. Navigating the pathway to a generous life is more about who you are than what you do. Anyone who wants clarity and confidence in their generosity game plan should start here.” --John Stanley