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Mark is a husband, father of three, financial services professional, owner of several small businesses and author. He specializes in building navigation teams that assist entrepreneurs in their pursuits both personally and entrepreneurially. Just because you want to run your own company doesn't mean you have to do it by yourself. Mark has been called a "lifecoach" by many entrepreneurs. He believes that there is a difference between finding answers and being the one who must provide the solution. A highly functioning team approach can deploy solutions faster and more effectively than a person where all things must be done by the leader. Mark gives his time, financial expertise (talent) and financial resources to a number of organizations including Rotary International, his local church and a business resource group in his home area. He has served as president and chair for many organizations, as well as serving on several boards. Mark, who lives in Kansas, looks forward to connecting with you and hearing your comments. You can send him a personal message or reach him by phone by checking out the "Connect" page.